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Sanford Housing Coop (South-East London)

We accept applications on a rolling basis and invite applicants for interviews as we have room vacancies. You can find out more about our interview process here, and you can apply to become part of the Sanford community via this link.


Crabapple Community/Berrington Hall Housing Co-op (Shrewsbury area)

A long-standing community, aiming to live sustainably in our large Georgian house and 20 acres of land, while also supporting groups working for progressive social change.  Currently our members include: a couple with 2 young children, who are home-educating; another couple and 3 single people. We have several vacancies and are seeking new members!  We would like the community to be more diverse with a mix of ages, genders, sexualities, ethnicities and class backgrounds/cultures.  Currently, 4 of us are in our late 50's or 60's and so we're committed to finding younger adults and/or families with (preferably young) children to join us.

We’re looking for practical/resourceful people who enjoy children's company and are keen to participate in the daily life of the community e.g. growing and preserving fruit and vegetables, managing woodland and meadows, splitting and chopping wood, eco-renovating the house and outbuildings, increasing our sustainability and supporting social/environmental movements through hosting events. This means it's not practical to have a full-time job while living here.

You don’t need capital to join – we are tenants and pay rent. We share bathrooms, kitchens and other living spaces. We have communal evening meals which are vegan/vegetarian, and we share food & fuel bills.  There's one cat living here - we're open to another cat and maybe a dog accompanying new members.

If you are interested in finding out more, then please get in touch, ideally before the end of November, and we will send you more details about the community and our membership process.


Argyle Street Housing Coop (ASH) (Cambridge)

A Cambridge-based community of nearly 90 members, looking for new members who are excited about living co-operatively and are keen to get involved in our working groups, such as Welfare, Allocations, Maintenance, Education, to list a few. The first stage of applying to become a member here is attending an Open Evening, which are held on the last Monday of the month (currently over Zoom until further notice). Contact if you'd like to attend the Open Evening or want to find out more about the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!




If you are recruiting new tenants for your housing coop and would like to list a vacancy on this site, please fill out this form.


We love privacy!

We respect your privacy, we simply do not track your behaviour on this website, we do not collect any digital cookies, we prefer having the crumbly ones with tea.

We do collect, however, information you submit via membership form application. To find out more please read our policy on data collection and protection, in line with GDPR.